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Diabetes Awareness Courses


This course provides comprehensive insights into diabetes, covering prevention, management, treatment options, and lifestyle adjustments for better health outcomes.


Diabetes Awareness


The Diabetes Awareness Course aims to equip participants with essential knowledge about diabetes, including its types, symptoms, and risk factors. It covers management strategies, lifestyle modifications, and prevention techniques to support those affected and their families. The course fosters a comprehensive understanding of diabetes care and promotes proactive health practices.



Healthcare providers, diabetics and their families, educators, community health workers, and anyone interested in learning about diabetes management and prevention.

  • Define diabetes. 
  • Understanding the different types of diabetes.
  • Understand the basic principles of managing the care of a person with diabetes.
  • Recognise the symptoms and treat accordingly.
  • Understand how complications and lifestyle selections can affect a person with diabetes.

This Specialised care course is delivered on-line through e-Learning. Learners of Diabetes Awareness course will receive instant access to our interactive Learning Management System, that offers 24/7 access to the course.


The online care course needs a minimum of one hour to complete. This can be a guide to the educational hours needed and it depends on how quickly an individual understands the course. The training is online it may be displayed over multiple sessions or done in one session.

Specialised care course -Diabetes Awareness online course is given on the completion of training materail. You will need to complete a multiple-chose answer exam with a pass markof 80%. The answers are marked autamatically, so you will know whether you passedas soon as you coplete the the course, if you dont pass don't worry! You can take the test ten (10) times. However, you need to purchase the same course again after using all ten (10) attempts. 

Our online social care courses are accredited by the Continuing Professinal Developmet (CPD) and are nationally recognised. Once you have completed your assessment you will be awarded a accredited certificate in a PDF format that is availabale straight away. Hard copies of the certificate are available for an additional fee. All evidence of learning and certification wiil remain in our system for your future reference. 

  • CPD Accredited online courses
  • Free course certificate
  • No waiting with instant course access

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Aims of the Diabetes Awareness course

  • Recognize early symptoms and warning signs.

  • Understand diabetes management and treatment options.

  • Learn nutritional strategies for blood sugar control.

  • Identify ways to prevent diabetes complications.

  • Gain insights into living well with diabetes.

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