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Paediatric First Aid Training Courses

The Pediatric First Aid Online Training Course equips participants with essential skills to respond to medical emergencies involving infants and children, emphasizing life-saving techniques and specialized care.


Paediatric First Aid

Enroll in our comprehensive Pediatric First Aid Online Training Course to acquire vital skills in pediatric emergency response. Led by experts, this program covers essential first aid techniques, CPR for children, and hands-on training in managing common pediatric emergencies. Boost your confidence through interactive sessions. Enrol today!


  • This course is suitable for each person who lives or works with children, for example, parents, carers, after-school club workers, and sports team coaches, helpers and volunteers etc.
  • This course is suitable for those who want to learn new first-aid skills or refresh their existing information. No previous qualifications are required to finish the training as all basic first aid helpful resources; techniques are in detail throughout this course.

  • Introduction and Primary Assessment.
  • The aim of first aid.
  • Your first aid box.
  • The primary assessment: danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation (DR ABC) for (CPR)
  • How to administer CPR to a child and a baby.
  • Things to be considered and how to treat unconscious casualties.
  • Secondary areas component 1 putting a toddler and a little one in the recovery position, choking, wounds and bleeding.
  • Secondary Areas Part 2 burns, eye accidents, head accidents, fractures, spinal injuries, and amputation.
  • Secondary conditions and Reactions Part 1 asthma, allergic reactions, bites and stings, nose bleeds, diabetes, epilepsy, high temperatures and hyperventilation.
  • Secondary situations and Reactions Part 2 sickle cellular, meningitis, and septicaemia, fainting, sprains and strains, poisoning, smoke inhalation, hypothermia, electric shock, other forms of shock croup, and drowning.

  • The online care course needs a minimum of one hour to complete. This can be a guide to the educational hours needed, and it depends on how quickly an individual can understand the course content. The training is online; thus, it may be displayed over multiple sessions or done in one session.
  • Learners will have access to the present course for up to nine months from the date of joining. There's no pressure to complete the course in a short time.
  • The company (Admin) can purchase as many courses or packages as they want. There is no expiry date on the courses unless it's assigned to the company user (Individual) Or Company Manager. For instance, you purchased 500 courses & assigned only 400 courses. You still have 100 courses to assign anytime, anywhere. There is no time restriction.

Child Care Course - Paediatric First Aid - online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will complete a multiple choice answers exam with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked automatically so you will know whether you have passed. If you don't pass, don't worry! You can take the test thirty (30) times, Although you need to purchase the same course again when you have used all thirty (30) attempts.

  • Our online social care courses are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and are nationally recognised. Once you have completed your assessment, you will be awarded an accredited certificate in PDF format, which is immediately available. Hard copies of the certificate are available for an additional fee. All evidence of learning and certification will remain in our system for your future reference.

  • CPD Accredited online courses
  • Free course certificate
  • No waiting with instant course access

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Aims of the Pediatric First Aid course

  • Ensure prompt response to child emergencies.

  • Enhance skills in pediatric injury assessment.

  • Foster effective communication during pediatric crises.

  • Instill confidence in administering child-specific first aid.

  • Promote a safe environment for children.

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