How can I purchase the Learning Connect course or bundle package online?

To purchase the course or bundle package on Learning Connect:

Step 1: Go to the Login Page and Log in with your registered email address - Learning Connect

Step 2: From the Dashboard, scroll down the page where all the course categories will come.

Step 3: Click “Select” from the course category to see the courses and choose which courses you want to purchase.

(You can increase the number of the course if you need the same course for more than one staff)


*Once you select the course and the correct number of courses has been selected, then click anywhere on the white page to close the tab


Step 4: Click on “Buy Now”. A pop-up will confirm that “You have successfully added the course. Please click OK to confirm.”

Step 5: Automatic redirection to the Payment page

·      Fill in the details – Name on card, Card number, Expiry date, CVV, and click "Pay Now.”


*Wait for the ICT to assign the courses to your account automatically.

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