How to Send Course Reminders to Learners on Learning Connect ?

Sending reminders to learners for their assigned courses on Learning Connect is a straightforward process that ensures participants stay on track with their learning goals. Follow these steps to initiate reminders:


Step 1: Access the Learning Connect Website

Visit the Learning Connect website by entering the URL: Learning Connect into your web browser.


Step 2: Login to Your Account

Using your registered email address and password, log in to your Learning Connect account.


Step 3: Navigate to User Management

Locate the left-hand side menu and select "Show Users." This will give you access to user management options.


Step 4: Select Learners

Identify the learners to whom you wish to send reminders. You can do this by selecting their profiles or usernames.


Step 5: Initiate Reminder

In the "Actions" column, you will find an actions button. Click on this button to open a dropdown menu of options. From the list, select "Send Reminder."


By following these steps, you will trigger the system to send timely reminders to the selected learners for their assigned courses. This proactive approach helps learners stay engaged and motivated in their learning journey.


Keep in mind that sending reminders enhances learner participation and ensures a smoother learning experience. Stay connected with your learners and help them achieve their learning goals effectively.

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